once, both of us believed that this was fate, but the truth is, you were a coincidence that looked like destiny.

b i o

name _ lorraine or lorr for short
age & dob _ twenty, 970611
pronouns _ she/her
location _ western canada
ethnicity _ filipina
signs _ gemini sun, virgo ascendant, leo moon
personality _ isfj, rloan, type 6, lawful neutral
education _ medical laboratory science

e t c

guide to golden child
special dates

2 0 1 6

0106 _ infinite's arrival at yvr ↬ told dongwoo i love him then he giggled
0107 _ infinite effect in vancouver
0926 _ infinite answered my question on asc and sungjong *attempted* to say my name

2 0 1 7

0323 _ club eskimo in vancouver
1107 _ youngtaek replied to me during his menpa

2 0 1 8

0212 _ astro in vancouver + photo-op ↬ told moonbin i love him, he smiled and nodded

u l t i m a t e s

infinite _ jang dongwoo, ot6+1
day6 _ kang younghyun
golden child _ bae seungmin, lee jangjun

s e m i - u l t i m a t e s

dpr live _ hong dabin
club eskimo _ dean, offonoff, crush, miso, punchnello & co.

astro _ moon bin
dreamcatcher _ kim bora
red velvet _ park sooyoung

r e g u l a r s

+ ace, jbj, knk, mx, nct, ptg, svt, shinee, tbz, the rose, victon, winner
+ apink, blackpink, f(x), lovelyz, twice

w a t c h i n g

0203 _ heart signal
0104 _ hyori's bed and breakfast
0010 _ idol producer
0004 _ prison playbook
1003 _ rupaul's drag race
0014 _ tempted (the great seducer)

o n  r e p e a t

pentagon _ positive (album)
ten _ new heroes
colde _ your dog loves you

m i s c .

aomg _ jay park, loco, gray, hoody, elo, woo wonjae
h1ghr music _ sik-k, g.soul, ph-1, groovy room

a-e _ akdong musician, baek yerin, beenzino, eddy kim, eric nam
f-n _ hanhae, heize, iu, jeong sewoon, jooyoung, kard, nell
o-z _ one, osshun gum, sam kim, sanchez, suran, yeseo, zion.t